Stanley Humes

Owner of SVH Fitness/Athletic Training

Certification in Training- Bachelor’s Degree Course in Physical Education and Sports

My name is Stanley Humes and I am proud and excited to share my knowledge & my work efficiently in the fitness field with MuscleHut!

Studied Sport Science in Cuba.

Syllabus of my certification:

  1. Management of Physical Education and Sports

  2. Sports Sociology, Morphology, Physiology, Psychology/Psychology Applied to Sports

  3. Biochemistry, Biomechanics, Kinesiology

  4. Research and Analysis Methods, Prophylactics and Therapeutics for Physical Exercise

  5. First Aid, Physical and Functional Control of Physical Activity

  6. Athletics, Basic Gymnastic, Theory and Practice of Games, Rhythmic Education, Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Theory and Methodology of Physical Education, Baseball, Handball, Adapted Physical Activity, Pre-School Physical Education, Community Physical Education, Recreation, Physical Training, Swimming, Applied Weightlifting.

  7. Theory and Methodology in Sports Training

Prepare yourself for a lifetime transition when you first decide to make that very effort called trying.




What A journey I've had Stanley! I have been more than happy with the results that I have been progressively noticing under his guidance.
Stanley is very knowledgable when it comes to testing the potential of his clients. He taylors every workout to achieve optimal results for every client he has. Workingout is always something I look forward to with Stanley.