I’m all about transformation both in life and in the gym. I began my own body transformation in 2015 before turning it into my career, (It was love at first lift).

 I own and manage Fitness Elites by Nerry where my main focus has been online HIIT style exercise classes.

I decided to take on a PT role at Muscle Hut in order to broaden my experience and be located in one place.


I believe that everyone should lift. If you want to burn fat, lifting will raise your metabolism, making you burn fat quicker. If you want to get stronger, lifting heavy weights will get you there the fastest. If you want to look better, lifting will bring out muscle definition, making you look more aesthetic.

My style of training is mainly focused around progressive overload which means that we start at a reasonably challenging weight and increase the weight as the client becomes stronger. Simultaneously, working on bettering techniques, increasing the capacity to lift X amount of weights for more reps and resting less between sets.

I make no excuses. I accept no excuses. So if you are considering hiring me as your PT ditch the excuses right away! I won’t tell you to train through an injury or miss the birth of your child but I will tell you this; Over here we embrace the early mornings and love the late nights. We welcome challenges and setbacks. We live for the hunt, on bad days we workout harder.  We just don’t know how to quit.

Message me to set up an interview when you are ready to become an Elite.

Weight loss and Body Recomposition

Cardio/ Endurance/ HIIT

Group Training


Increased Muscle Mass

Nutrition Counseling

Booty Building

Nerry Violet