Anthony Obando

My Name is Anthony Obando, but you can call me Tony.  I have been helping people transform their lives for over four years using strength training. I have trained people from all ages and fitness levels all over Belize; from high school students to even the elderly. I enjoy practicing strength training as it focuses on building a better foundation. This passion has granted me the opportunity to create Alphasthetics, which has evolved into more than just a brand but most importantly it's a lifestyle movement. No matter what your goals are, whether it's weight loss, building muscle or becoming a better athlete; my clients have always improved mentally, physically and even spiritually.


Currently I'm pursuing Professional Trainer Certification from NASM

– National Academy of Sports Medicine


Area of specialty:



Strength Training

Injury and Rehabilitation

Cardiovascular Endurance


Power Building

Basic Calisthenics

Athletic training

Toning weight loss

Online Training

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BELMOPAN: 54 Hummingbird Highway,2nd Floor of

Gallardo Services & Hardware

SAN IGNACIO: 2nd Floor Manzanero Building,

                            in front of Welcome Center